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Please note: All Nationally Registered training is currently unavailable.

Agoge Training Institute is a High-End training company that provides niche capability training to Law Enforcement, Military, Security and Executive Firms. Our training is designed around our client’s needs, through a Systems Approach to Training to deliver capability.

Agoge Training Institute is a veteran owned and operated company. Our Managing Partners are former Military and Law Enforcement Special Operations Operators and Officers.

Our training is achieved through

Training Needs Analysis

Capability Needs Analysis

Program Design

Delivery and Implementation

Monitoring and Enhancement


Agoge Training Institute offer a wide range of courses in Security, Close Protection, Operational Leadership, Driver Training, Firearms and Tactical First Aid.

Every member of our team has decades of verifiable training and experience through operational service within some of the world’s most elite organisations, fine tuning their skills and knowledge in the most demanding operational environments.

Leadership, Management and Operational Planning

  • Introduction to Operational Security Planning
  • Leading Leaders
  • Close Personal Protection Operations Manager Course
Agoge Training Institute - Leadership & Team Building
Close Personal Protection Course

Security  Operations

  • CPP20218 Certificate II Security Operations
  • CPP31318 Certificate III Security Operations
  • CPP31418 Certificate III Close Protection Operations
  • Situational Awareness Survivability – Hostile Environments (SAS -HE)

Driver Training

  • RIIVEH305E Operate and Maintain a 4WD Vehicle
  • TLIC1051 Operate Commercial Vehicle
  • TLIC3036 Apply safe car driving behaviours
  • RIIVEH201D Operate Light Vehicle
  • PUAVEH001 Drive Vehicles Under Operational Conditions

Firearms Programs

  • 10618NAT Course in Firearms Safety Category A, B, C, D, E, H and M (Approved for Firearms Licensing in Queensland)
  • Combat Pistol Course
  • Practical Pistol Course
  • Long Range Marksmanship

Team Building and Individual Development

  • Right of Passage
  • The Arena
Agoge Training Institute - Team Building

Tactical First Aid

  • HLTAID001 Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  • HLTAID003 Provide First Aid
  • HLTAID006 Provide Advanced First Aid
  • HLTAID007 Provide Advanced Resuscitation
  • Remote Area Combat First Aid

SpecOps Training (Government Agencies Only)

  • Small Unit Tactics
  • Advanced Close Quarter Battle
  • Counter Terrorism Tactics
  • Amphibious Operations
  • Helicopter Insertion Techniques
  • Advanced Shooting Techniques
  • Surveillance and Counter Surveillance
Agoge Training Institute - Firearms Training